Compass Mining, the world's first and largest online marketplace for bitcoin mining hardware and hosting, is proud to announce its hosting partnership with Compute North at its Granbury, Texas TIER 0™ data center for 75 MW.

Compass Mining’s newest large-scale deployment will begin in August continuing for several months. Compass expects to deploy 25,000 ASICs to Wolf Hollow, including a variety of next generation Bitcoin miners such as the Antminer S19XP, Antminer S19j Pro and Whatsminer M30S++.

Wolf Hollow image courtesy of Compute North

Compute North hosts a variety of large scale and publicly traded Bitcoin mining firms such as Marathon Digital Holdings. Compass Mining is proud to work alongside premier hosting provider Compute North. Compute North maintains the ability to scale up additional hosting capacity in Granbury from 300 MW to 600 MW.

Located in Granbury, Texas, the facility is powered by a 1.1 gigawatt (GW) combined cycle natural gas-fueled plant. Recognized as one of the cleanest facilities of its kind in the country and operated in assistance with the Energy Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), the plant uses both advanced gas turbine designs and air cooling to decrease carbon emissions and water dependency.

The Compute North TIER 0™ data center will provide a fully curtailable load to ERCOT as part of the  demand response program, bringing stable energy loads to Texas at scale, while being able to shut down at a moment’s notice should the grid need excess capacity.

Miners understand the importance of speed in this market. That’s why Compute North has chosen RK Mission Critical’s containerized solutions to allow for scalable operations. Built in the USA, these high-performance mining containers are constructed under strict quality standards that make each complex procedure controlled and repeatable.

Each container can hold up to 2 MW of machines, or about 560 ASICs. The firm’s commitment to quality has made them the standard for all things Bitcoin mining containers.

RK Mission Critical containers at Compute North's Nebraska facility.

Compass Mining also hosts a variety of Whatsminer and Antminer units with Compute North at their Nebraska data center. We look forward to continued collaboration as we democratize access to Bitcoin mining.